If you have a constructor that takes a lot of parameters, like this:

  public OrgUnitsHalRepresentation(List<OrgUnitSummaryHalRepresentation> orgUnitSummaryHalRepresentationList,
  int count, int providedCount, int total, int page, int filterLimit, boolean hasNextPage, boolean isDefaultCount)

You can use a separate class that takes nothing in the constructor and set these parameters using setters and pass in this into the constructor instead:

public OrgUnitsHalRepresentation(Pagination(Name of pattern) p)

Does this have a name so that I can use it in my class name?


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This is the Parameter Object Design Pattern (or Argument Object), the related Refactoring is called Introduce Parameter Object.


This seems to me like a normal case of grouping related variables into compact structure, that has been practiced since structures were invented. Considering it is so ancient, I would imagine there is no name for it.

Also, remember one thing : Patterns are much complex than that. Pattern usually means something that introduces SOLID into code. Your case is too simple to be considered pattern. I would simply call it "PaginationParameters"

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    I disagree. Anything that is a common solution can be named as a 'pattern'. For example: the Null Object pattern. It's really simple and is considered a pattern.
    – Aviv Cohn
    Commented Aug 1, 2014 at 12:31

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