How does one ensure that HTML, CSS and JS have uniform identifiers. For example, one such set of identifiers could be class names. e.g.:




document.getElementsByClassName( "user-profile" ).(...)


<div class="user-profile"> ... </div>

Are there any IDEs that can provide this functionality? Given that these are technically strings, I'd assume it would be hard to determine 'equality'.

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There are no variables in HTML. I think you are talking about id and class attributes.

When you change an id or a class, the easiest way to reflect the change in CSS and JavaScript is to grep the related files.

I'm not sure an automated renaming by an IDE would be helpful: there are many cases where you don't want CSS/JavaScript files to be modified. A basic example: you change a class of an element, because you want a different style.

Also, if you have to do a lot of changes in ids and classes, check that you're using proper naming conventions and you chose the values thoughtfully from the beginning.

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