As a hobby experiment I am creating a on-line tool for creating web sites with the ability to create custom HTML and CSS using a template engine for safe-use of functionality.

Now I am in the dilemma if I should save the template files in a "customers" folder, and create a tree view of this file structure - or if I should go for adding a new row in the database containing the mark-up and build a tree view from the table?

I will be doing revisions of the file changes, so i am moving more and more towards having the "files" (meta-data) stored in the database, instead of real files on the server, and just glue the pieces together in the presentation layer.


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I always prefer files for this purpose, simply because it makes the design easier for others to reuse and test:

  • There is no need to install or maintain a database.
  • You can clone or move your "database" simply by cloning or moving the file system.

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