I don't understand why the running time of the following loop is n+2 ? Also why the running time of the statements inside the loop is n+1 ?

Double test(int n){  
      int sum=0;  -> 1 time
      int i;  -> 0 time
      for(i=0; i<=n;i++)  -> n+2 times
        scanf("%d",&a);  -> n+1 times
        sum=sum+a;  -> n+1 times
      return sum;  -> 1 time
  • Use paper & pencil and walk through this by hand for n = 3. You'll probably see the answer. Nov 20 '14 at 2:21

The body of loop you've written is entered n+1 times (i from 0 to n), after that the variable i is incremented again, it's value now becomes n+1. Then it is compared to n ( i <= n ), this test fails and the body of the loop is skipped.


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