I am looking for a way to give an algorithm (service) a sentence, and it will tell me if its positive context or negative or even neutral.

Does such a service exist?

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    Algorithm cannot be open-source. Algorithm is an idea. Code implementing an algorithm can be open-source. – liori Dec 15 '10 at 20:47
  • ai.stackexchange.com just went into public beta today or yesterday, so you can check there too :) – Matthew Read Dec 15 '10 at 23:32

The OpenNLP site may help you

The link refers to a long list of projects that are using OpenNLP to solve natural language processing problems.

Also, since you seem to be looking for a Sentiment and Opinion Mining application, perhaps the open source RapidMiner application may be of interest.

Here is a quote describing it:

The software supports a wide variety of clustering, classification and other data mining functions. Text-related modules include the Word Vector Tool (WVT), Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Data Stream plug-ins. According to Rapid-I cofounder and managing director Ralf Klinkenberg, RapidMiner responds to a very wide set of text-processing needs including news filtering, email routing, sentiment analysis and opinion mining, and general information extraction. According to Klinkenberg, RapidMiner allows users to combine unstructured data (text documents) and structured data (database tables, time series data, audio data, etc.).

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