This is probably a no brainer, but I've not been able to find an answer that is definitive.

I have a Codeigniter site running on Apache with mod_rewrite (to get rid of index.php) and mod_ssl for HTTPS. My question is.....

If at https://example.com/form.php I have a form like this...

<form action="/process.php">

Will that form be submitted to HTTPS, or is it going over HTTP? Do I have to explicitly say HTTPS in the action?


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If you have a link (or form action) with a relative URI (without a scheme and hostname), then the URI will be completed with the scheme and hostname of the page containing the link.

This means that, if you are on the page "https://example.com/form.php", then the link/action "/process.php" will result in a request for the URI "https://example.com/process.php". Similarly, that link on the page "http://nowhere.example.com/form.php" will go to "http://nowhere.example.com/process.php".

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