So I have a program that processes a bunch of files. File in, start processing, file finished, next file.

The question is, now I want to be able to monitor how that program is getting on, how?

Already had some logs, great, but I do not want to go to access these logs directly on the server running the program.

So initial idea, that I have running, is being able to have a web page will will show the programs current process. Process info being things like how far through file, which file, how large the file (so externally can compute estimate time remaining), and some times.

So i thought, store and update a simple name/value table in a database. Website reads from that.

Now the issue, which I did consider before implementing, is how often the program is going to update the database, and if this will be of issue? Updates in the range of hundreds or thousands times a second (something I can reduce), so is that a bad thing?

What means would you from a .Net program dump a String value of which file it currently processing, and view that from a Website accessing that value?

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