Imagine this code:

class Test
    public $result;

    public function makeSum($a,$b)
        $sum = $a+$b;
        $this->result = $sum;


In a webserver.

At same exact moment, two browsers call a page that performs that operation. First one has $a=1 and $b=2 and second one $a=5 and $b=4.

Are we sure that for first page $result will be 3 and for second one 9? Or is there possibility that result could be "wrong" for the page asking?

I'm talking in particular for PHP, but question can be general...

I think that will be never problems, but I would know if it's true and why.

Thank you!

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    yes, the requests are separated so they won't mix at all. If you want to share between requests you need to store the data in a database / file for example. All running code is never mixed. For the same user the session is also an exception, that is also stored in for example a file and shared between your own requests. Mar 17, 2015 at 6:57

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They wont mix up. The function runs seperate on each page(browser). Wherever you declared the $a=1 and $b=2 will provide: 3. Same for the $a=5 and $b=4 will provide: 9. So you dont have to worry about that.

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