I am working on a small ERP Application and using MVC5 for it.

I have several Modules in the application and each module contain several web pages (Views, you can say).

i.e: for School application I have LibraryManagement/Hostel Management

Now under view folder I want to create my folder structure as following:


  1. Library [Physical Folder]
    • BookManagement [Controller]
      • Add/Edit/Delete Book Detail. [Action Based Views]
    • Issue Book.
    • Generate Library Card
  2. Hostel [Physical Folder]
    • RoomInfo [Controller Name]
      • AddRoom [Action Based View]
      • EditRoom [Action Based View]
      • ListRoom [Action Based View]
    • Assign Room [Controller]
    • AssignRoom [Action Based View]
    • Manage Fees
    • EditFeesInfo [Action Based View]

Please help me how can I create this structure in MVC 5.


MVC is a separation of concerns, hence, your controllers should never be in your Views folder (and vice versa). If I were you, I'd simply create a folder "Library" and "Hostel" in your project root. Then add a "Controllers" and "Views" folder for each. I suppose both share the same Models, so I'd put these in a separate folder in the root.

If you really want to separate the "Library" and "Hostel" part in your application, you can work with Areas.

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  • Thanks Benjamin the concept of Areas perfectly worked in my application. :-) Thanks Buddy – Harsh Sharma Apr 20 '15 at 9:28
  • Awesome! That's good to hear. – Benjamin Apr 20 '15 at 11:08

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