I'm trying to use composition in an Entity class of mine. So far, an Entity "is" Displayable(inherited an ABC), and "has" a Position(contains a point-like class). I know I will want my Entity to "have" a/some health, so I started defining a Health class to be composed into Entity. It was super-simplistic though, and only ended up containing 2 methods: hurt, and heal that modify its single field: hp.

If I intended to inherit from Health, I guess this would be OK, as it wouldn't require any boilerplate inside of Entity; it would just inherit the methods.

If I'm going to compose with it though, so for me to hurt an Entity, I'll have to route the hurt/heal call to their Health member and call their own hurt/heal method. With a class this simple, that means I'll basically have all of Health's methods duplicated in Entity.

In a case like this, is there any point in defining Health? The simpler alternative would be to just give Entity a hp field, and give it the hurt and heal methods directly.


As long as the underlying hp value is not public, it doesn't matter too much either way. Having Entity::hurt()/heal() directly access a private hp member is fine, and making them wrappers for a Health::hurt()/heal() call is also fine.

Assuming it's not public, I would base the decision on what you expect to happen in the future. Will health probably be a simple integer forever? Or do you think it'll turn into a non-trivial class with methods like getTimesHurt(), getLastHealValue() or getPoisonTicksRemaining()? You may not know for sure, but you can make a well-educated guess based on what kind of game you're making.

  • Thanks. I didn't consider "effects" that I might need to add later. Originally, I just wanted to increment/decrement the health value, but I guess I should look at the reusable big-picture. Thanks. I'll make it into it's own class in case I want to add on to it later. – Carcigenicate Apr 18 '15 at 19:15

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