I was reading about some XAML patterns, and there was the Stateful ViewModel, according to what I read it has nothing different than what we as just the "ViewModel".

Here's a description for example :

Stateful View Model:

To create isolation between business logic and presentation, data should be removed from the view. The stateful view model pattern moves data into the view model using XAML data binding. This allows the view model to be tested without constructing a view, and it allows the view to change with minimal impact on the business logic.

What is so special about it to be called Stateful ViewModel ? why isn't just called ViewModel

Link : http://www.xamlpatterns.com/stateful-view-model


See the Stateless view model, which is the opposite, for more explanation. Basically, in the stateful pattern data is kept on the model whereas in stateless it is not.

  • in the stateful model data is kept on the view are you sure ? – AymenDaoudi Apr 26 '15 at 13:14
  • Oops, I meant the model. Edited! – JDT Apr 26 '15 at 13:34

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