My team recently added a software project to github. We are getting requests from some of the users that they would like to become part of the team. What would be a good way to choose whom to add ?

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    May 21, 2015 at 11:56

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Don't add any outside contributor right away - make them send pull requests instead. As you review these pull requests, you can:

  • Assess the skill of the contributor from the quality of their code
  • Verify that what they want to add to the project is compatible with your vision
  • See how willing they are to conform to your rules and style
  • Learn to know them a bit by talking to them over the comments in the review-fix cycle

After accepting a few of their pull requests, you'll be in a much better position to decide if you want to give to a contributor push access to the project's repository.

Note that the contributors also learn during the course of the pull requests, so these parameters can and will improve over time. A contributor can learn from your code review how code submitted to the project should be and match their code to it. So it's not a matter of who but a matter of when (where the answer can be "never", but you don't know that yet) - any contributor might one day be a full member.

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