I'm working on a project(web application) where I have a DataManager(IDALContract dalImplementation) class that does some stuff with the data after retrieving it from the database or before saving it in the database.

My question: Is there any reason why the IDALContract object I'm passing in to the constructor should/should not be a singleton?

  1. FooManager is a smell. Managers invariably suffer problems because a "Manager" is a catchall that pushes it towards having multiple responsibilities. I strongly encourage you to not go down that road towards God objects.
  2. Singletons are anti-patterns. Always. They force you to only ever have one object of a type, and no such thing exists. You're going to tell me that you will never, ever have more than one data access layer? You'll never need to access say, your database, a cache, or some NoSQL store at the same time? Are you really sure you want to limit your design that strongly?
  • Also, especialy bad for a web application where each request will be simultaniuously using the same DAL object – Ewan Jun 27 '15 at 6:52

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