From what I've read and understand MVCS (Model-View-Controller-Store) is a design pattern that lets you do the following:

View - Application view, what the user will see.
Controllers - Manages the views and calls the models.
Model - Business logic.
Stores - Calls to db for CRUD operations retrieving and putting data.

Now where should I put the domain in this design? By domain, I mean the actual classes that represents the objects from db for example a user. Should they be inside the model or in a different layer?

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Unless you come up with some specific code that changes my mind, I'm going to say that MVCS is just a slight variation on MVC that makes it clearer that the Business Domain lives in the Model, and is technically separate from the data Store. MVC just includes S (the data store) as part of the Model, but the business domain always lives there.

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