check this picture out before I explain further: enter image description here How can I count the amount of lines there are from the yellow line to line #5? OCR sounds like overkill, because I don't really care what the text says.


Rough outline:

  • scan your image horizontally, pixel-line wise
  • each pixel line eithers contains only black pixels, or some white/yellow pixels: store this information in a boolean array.
  • group the pixel line numbers together, each sequence of non-empty lines and each sequence of empty lines form a group. The non-empty line groups represent the word lines, and the empty-line groups represent the space between the word lines.
  • so what remains is simply counting the groups

To deal with aliasing effects, you will probably have to refine this a little bit, for example, by interpreting pixel lines as empty when they contain only a few number of white pixels, or by expecting a minimum size for any group (see Lars Viklund's comment) . You will have to adapt this to the quality and resolution of your images.

  • A reason for a minimum group size may be diacritics adjacent to but not connected to the base glyph of the grapheme. Even in the US alphabet, you've got lowercase i. – Lars Viklund Aug 11 '15 at 10:56
  • @LarsViklund Unless you have some degenerate case (ijijij), it is likely that there is at least one pixel on each line. – user40980 Aug 11 '15 at 13:06

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