In our company we use the term admin and super admin.

Admin - refers to the person who will handle the users, this is preferably from the external (maybe a manager of our client)

Superadmin - refers to the person who will handle the admins, preferably this is internal (a personnel that should be working in our company)

But I am looking for the standard definition of those, I've tried searching it on google but all of the results correspond to specific system (like wordpress, google, etc) and they are the one who defines it.

Is there a standard definition of admin and superadmin?

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Is there a standard definition of admin and superadmin?

No, there isn't.

SuperAdmin is just a word that was made up when someone needed to create a new role with more powers than ordinary admins. In a prior job, we created a 'Super Admin' role when we modified a particular piece of software to have multi-tenant capabilities; the super-admin was allowed access to all tenants, while the Admin role was restricted to the tenant to whom they were assigned.

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