I have a MongoDB database that I want to properly document its schema design. I know that MongoDB is a NoSQL database and is schemaless by nature, but I do enforce a schema through my application and I want to represent it in a better way than a print of a findOne() result.

I see many people using ER or UML, but I don't feel that's conceptually right to represent my NoSQL database as a relational DB or, at least, it looks weird.

Example using UML: MongoDB: How to represent a schema diagram in a thesis?

I thought that people would be using different models. I've searched and the far that I've saw was MongoVUE that offers a nice Tree view to understand the schema, but its not printer-friendly.

Is there something else that I'm missing for the NoSQL world? Or should I rest and stick with traditional UML?


I would model the schema as a UML class diagram. Class diagrams are not specifically aimed at relational databases, but rather at object oriented environments. In my opinion, MongoDB conceptually matches UML better than a relational database. The question you refer to provides more information about how to use UML for MongoDB.

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