I've been coming across some interview questions that mention within the question "... given an integer x and a zero-indexed array..." Is it necessary to mention zero-indexed array? What languages support non-zero-indexed arrays? Is it possible with javascript?

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An array in Javascript can be sparse where only some elements exist and the first element that exists does not have to be at index 0. But, the .length property is always measured from index 0.

var array = [];
array[3] = "Hello";
array[9] = "Goodbye";

console.log(array.length);    // 10
console.log(array);           // [3: "Hello", 9: "Goodbye"]
console.log(array[0]);        // undefined

Is it necessary to mention zero-indexed array?

It's not really necessary in Javascript since that is the default expectation, but does confirm that whatever values you are expecting in the array will start at the 0 index.

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