Given the following code I have to draw the corresponding class diagram:

public class Shop
    List<Client> clients;
    Storage store;
    User chief;
    Set<Invoice> invoices;

public class Invoice
    Map<Product, Row> rows;
    Client client;

public class Client{}
public class Product{}

public class Storage
    Map<Integer, Product> products;

public class Row 
    Product p;
    double qty;

On draw.io I produced the following design:

enter image description here

Focus of my question is on - Relation between Invoice and row: Is it correct to draw the qualified association like so? On draw.io I found no option to depict this particular case. I built it by dragging Product class to be adjacent to Invoice.

  • Relation between Storage and Product. Is it correct? Or should I represent it also like a qualified association using class Integer as qualifier?

  • Do you see any error on relation arrows or cardinality?

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I think you need to model Product as a distinct class to make it clear that a Storage may have Products that are not yet included in any Invoice.

You could model Row as an association class for the Invoice-Product association:

UML Example

Otherwise your diagram seems ok. The structure of Storage seems a bit funny though. If it should keep record of the amount of items, then it probably should have a Map<Product, Integer> instead of Map<Integer, Product>.

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