Is batch processing possible in jdbi with the below condition?

If one insert query in the batch fails because of violating some constraints ( Primary key, foreign key violation.. etc) will it resume processing next set of insert queries in the batch?


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Unfortunately for JDBI, you will have to deal with poor documentation and - I guess - trial and error. Specifically for Batch processing,

  • It fails to clearly document when a commit is being executed: not (at the end or through auto commit), equal to the batch size, or some other customizable parameter. As it does the batch iteration for you, it is a very important fact.
  • It does not document the method signature that is tagged with the SqlBatch annotation very well. Is the return type only void, or can it return an array that will provide me result status?

Looks like an interesting and promising API. But for me using it, I will be stuck with too many questions.

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