I have heard, that each class should always just be responsible for a single purpose, otherwise you should rethink your design.

So here are the concerned classes:

  • WebSocketController: provides basic interaction with a WebSocketServer, is observable (in SWIFT through events and in Java through a modfied observer pattern)
  • RaceDataFacade: provides methods like registerForRaceEventsAtServer or registerForMeasurementsAtServer
  • JsonParser: responsible for parsing the incoming data into easy-to-use entities.

The thing now is that I want to have the whole JSON logic outsourced (to be able to parse other files from the server eventually).

So I have implemented a method parseEntities inside my JsonParser:

  1. Determine which data has been received from the server (RaceEvents or Measurements)
  2. Parse a collection
  3. Return a collection of type Entity (mutual superclass)

In RaceDataFacade determin whether the collection is of type RaceEvent or Measurement and call onRaceEventsUpdated respectively onMeasurementsUpdated.

Especially in SWIFT the type conversions are a bit difficult to do, yet finally work. Is this a good design, or should I change it somehow?

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