We use TFS and Visual Studio 2015 at work but don't get full benefit from the ALM features as we have code in non-TFS Git repos.

We would like to integrate these products in with all the TFS goodies like checkin-to-work item linking, in-IDE pull requests, etc.

Is there any way to access these features in a non-TFS-hosted Git repo?

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You can pull in those branches into you git-tfs hybrid repository, then use git tfs checkintool. This should open up a window that looks similar to the Visual Studio interface, and should allow you to link work items.


Not really.

While some features work, like build, you will not get any of the Pull Request, or Branch by Work Item, or even work item links without using a Git repo in TFS. I recommend that you push your code to TFS and have everything integrated.


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