In order to run complex simulations, I need to do preprocessing of data from various data sources. This is done by a bunch of Postgresql scripts. However, having only these is unsatisfactory, because they are not very intelligible, maintainable etc. I want to express the data preprocessing using BPMN/BPEL, which would allow me to graphically visualise

  • the different data sources and sinks
  • the flow of data between them
  • filtering of data according to some conditions
  • merging of data
  • transformations on the data (which are usually simple computations)

Is there a possibility of attaching Postgresql snippets to my BPMN or BPEL model, such that I just can run the BPMN/BPEL in order to execute the data processing?


You could do that with BPMN tool that are available today as they usually provides layer to connect to external system or database. By example, Bonita BPM has a feature called "connector" to integrate third-party systems.

As far as the BPEL that I'm not sure as this language is mainly designed to orchestrate web-services, so unless you have an web-services layer to interface your PostGreSQL DB, I don't think it would be a good option.

Another option you should consider is using an ETL tool (Extract, Transform, Load). It's a concept (not a standard, as BPMN is) that usually uses for data integration between heterogeneous systems.

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