Command Query Separation is a useful principle, though it's not always ideal. Sometimes you need to run a process, which will result in useful data you need to return. My specific case is uploading a file to a server and getting the ID of the file (which is assigned by another system I have no control over).

In simple terms, the function is something like this:

def upload_file(filepath):
    # Set up filedata with values
    result = upload_to_server(filedata)
    return result['id']

I'm not debating whether or not to disregard CQS, but I am wondering how to make this especially clear to a user. For instance upload_file doesn't make the return value explicit, but get_upload_file is also ambiguous. A docstring is an obvious must to make the function explicit for anyone who reads that.

But I was wondering are there any other helpful patterns that can make it explicit that a function performs actions and returns a value. Or alternatively, should I just focus on making one of these aspects clear and not worry about fully informing the user?


I think for python the best practice available would be to note in the docstring that it is a side-effecting function.

def upload_file(filepath):
    Uploads a filepath to a server and also returns the remote server id

If this were a language like scala or haskell you could communicate this with the type signature of the function, for example:

type RemoteServerId = Integer
uploadToServer :: Filepath -> IO RemoteServerId


type RemoteServerId = Int
def uploadToServer(path: Filepath): Task[RemoteServerId]

Because python doesn't give you that option, the docstring is your main option.

A supplementary tactic would be to have a naming convention. Perhaps you could be explicit by naming the function upload_to_server_and_return_remote_id(filepath)

  • Don't forget that python3 also has function annotations, so something like def upload_file(filepath) -> "server-id" : could be done. – Glenn Rogers Feb 17 '16 at 18:22
  • @GlennRogers That makes it a little worse honestly, because that signature gives you no indication that it's a side-effecting function. A function looking up ids in a local mapping would have the same signature – Daenyth Feb 17 '16 at 18:49
  • Except then you'd call the function "get_file_locator" or such :) – Glenn Rogers Feb 17 '16 at 20:52

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