The server side detect events and store the information to notify the user. When the user opens one of the multiple clients (web, Android, iOS) it sees a indication that there are new notifications. The user can read the notification message.

The clients support multiple languages.

We got stuck searching for a good solution to solve the internationalization of the notifications. Our current possible solutions are:

  • Generate already translated notification on server based on user information (last accessed language or profile preference).
  • Generate notifications with an identifier and parameters and i18n on clients.

There are any best practices on this? Is there any proven solution on this?

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I'm not aware of any general "best practices" other than your OS's developers guide (such as this one for Android), but they probably don't apply to your use case.

My advice would be to mix your two approaches: always send an identifier with your message so it can be translated on the platform if possible, but also send a fallback message generated on your server (from info you have on the client or even default to english) in cases where you had to add a new notification type and the client is not yet updated with the latest translation file version.

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