I am working on a Spring-MVC based project, in which I would like to add Timeline functionality. The most important object in our project is the Note, there are objects associated with it like NoteHistory Attachments, etc.

Timline functionality here means where Users can scroll through Time in the front-end and objects from that time-period will be loaded in the front-end. Whether they should be Read-Only if in past, is another one of my question.

Now, for database, we are using PostgreSQL, and backend in Java8.

For the time-line functionality, what I thought was to create a new entry in DB every night for Note and its subsequent objects which are altered. The non-edited objects will remain the same, until they are modified to save disk/database space.

Everytime when a request is made to load a data-set, the corresponding date and time is also passed and that specific data-set is loaded.

When the user wishes to scroll, then again the date & time params are passed, and the data-set is loaded.

How does this technique for Timeline sounds? I am planning to do this all database way. I am interested in knowing if there is any other way to proceed with this problem, a more optimal way.


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