Im Just getting started with actor pattern. Coming from UnitOfWork pattern. Lets say i want to create Actor Pattern for a Employee Management System to mark they are present or absent.

The Problem Im facing is

Should I Create a class Say EmployeesActor instantiate it and use it as a single actor to manage all the employees. So then the messages will specify which particular employee to be marked present.


Should i create a base class EmployeeActor and then create objects of this class for each employee in the System. This was messages would directly go to the object of EmployeeActor.

  • You already accepted an answer, so I'll just link to this. It's a sample Actor implementation in C#. It answers your question about whether you need what amounts to a "singleton" (you don't). Actors are always individual instances. Jan 16, 2017 at 15:56

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I would suggest you to create something like EmployeesManager. As a Manager this one class particularly does not have a state but will be used to manage other actors that can have state. This will receive all messages. Once Manager receives command that a particular Employee be marked as present , it will get actor referece by providing the ID, similar to a GetByID call in DDD ( assuming you are persisting the same) and do a actor.Tell() to send the Command to the actor reference. (Its been a year since you posted this question. I would love to see a bigger community so newbie like me/us can get more insight)

  • yes is been more than a year. i tried orleans after akka then completely scrapped the idea of an actor based system. no more working on it but will love to be part of the community. as i think actor based systems with a pre- made / open sourced actor management system can go big. Jan 16, 2017 at 15:55

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