Lets say I have an Organization and Users inside that organization. To get a user in particular organization what should be the GET request url from below options?

1. /api/organization/:orgId/users/:userId
2. /api/users/:userId?organizationId=orgId

Any other suggestions are welcome.

  • I vote for the first. Much more readable. Apr 4, 2016 at 21:55

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Best to map onto what semantics you are trying to convey.


This reads to me as there being a bunch of organizations, and for each organization, you have a bunch of users, and you want to get information for that user.


This reads to me as there being a bunch of users, and each user may belong to a bunch of organizations, and you are asking for the user's information in the context of that organization.

If it helps, here's the sort of situation where I'd use a query parameter:


Since "language" just controls how the data is presented, not what it is, it makes sense to make it a parameter, not part of the data model.

Now I can't say for sure how to handle your data, as I don't know for sure what "Organization" actually is, but if it is a situation similar to what I described for the first option, that's the way I'd go.


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