There is a microservices system that is currently using Zookeeper. Let's assume there is just one type of service A that exhibits a simple read of some value t. However, the one of existing A instances has scheduled task that updates t from time to time and its notify other through message bus that value has been changed.

I want pull everything back from Zookeeper and find a better way to do such job scheduling across multiple instances. I thought about getting a delayed queue that will send a message to just one of group and it will post another delayed message to exchange pipe. However, such implementation in RabbitMQ requires additional add-on and I am looking for something better.

Any ideas?

  • "Leader election" has to do with distributed computing. Is that what you're doing here? Perhaps you could provide a brief description of the problem scenario and your proposed architecture. Apr 25, 2016 at 15:03


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