In my project I've used a library marked with the LGPL license as a reference example to developed my own library which is completely different but it works roughly in the same way.

Now I would like to sell my project which clearly links my own library and not the original one.

Is there any limitation?



We cannot possibly answer this.

The crucial question is "Is your code a derived work of their code?" Since you started out with their code, it might very well be, even if no line remained unchanged. Basically, you did the exact opposite of a clean-room implementation.

But on the other hand, a clean-room implementation is generally considered a sufficient criterion for independent invention, not a necessary one. Therefore the case depends on more detail than you're giving here.

  • Well, in the very first release of my tool I'm planning to use a derived version of the original library, but in the next future I'll use my own library which source code is completely different. – Lore May 12 '16 at 12:40

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