I have a program which generates events. They are ordered with a Lamport clock and sent over the network. They may arrive in a different order. On the receiving end I have an object which re-orders the events. This object can be popped like a queue and either returns the next event according to the Lamport clock or fails. It can filter the duplicate events out if any. It is thread-safe so that events can be pushed and popped in parallel.

This sounds like a well-known pattern. Is it the case, and if so is there a standard name for this object?

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    There are a two questions here, the "name that $thing" one seems off-topic meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/6582/…, and heavily depends on the naming conventions of your project. The second question is addressed here programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/152094/… – Caleth May 24 '16 at 11:14
  • Thanks for the pointers. I edited so that the question is on-topic for this site. I have removed the other part of the question as you are right that there were 2 questions. – marcv81 May 24 '16 at 11:24
  • Guys, I don't mind the downvotes but do yourselves a favour and explain why you have a problem with the question. Otherwise the quality is not likely to improve. – marcv81 May 24 '16 at 13:39
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    Caleth's comment doesn't count as an explanation? (not that I downvoted) – Ixrec May 25 '16 at 11:10
  • I edited the question after Caleth's explained that it might not be on topic. I believe the new version of the question is on topic. Some downvotes happened after that. – marcv81 May 25 '16 at 15:57

The well-known pattern may be the Observer pattern, in which case the object is called the "subject".

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