On the topic of Git; are there other types of version control systems?

other than Local VCS, Centralized VCS and Distributed VCS stated in here?

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"Local", "centralized" and "distributed" are synonymous with "here", "there" and "both", respectively.

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The only thing that is neither here nor there, is nowhere. So I guess the only other type of version control is "Non-Existent VCS" which, unfortunately, is still quite prevalent in the industry.

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    You could argue that VSS is a "nowhere" system... Jul 6, 2016 at 13:13

Local VCS, Centralized VCS and Distributed VCS are various ways to set up version control infrastructure. Git specifically is a distributed version control system where every client contains an entire history of the project.

Team Foundation Server and Subversion are examples of a centralized version control system, where a central server contains the history and each client only contains the latest files.

There are many many many other source control software packages which all fall into one of the 3 categories, just like cars can fall into manual and automatic transmissions.

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