What is the term to describe all the instructions that executed as a result of a particular instruction?

func call_a(){

I would like to describe all the statements that are executed as a result of calling call_a() until it returns to main by term (like code flow or code sequence). Is there a universally accepted or standard term for this?


Tracing (software).

FYI, we typically use the terms statements and expressions for programming language constructs and to describe lines of code in high-level language programs; we typically use the term instructions to describe what the hardware machine operations are.

Another term is an execution trace, which would capture a flow of execution. An execution trace could be a high-level trace of the programming language statements (and/or expressions) executed, or could be a low-level trace of the machine instructions executed, or an (interleaved) combination of both! Either way the trace represents a sequence of statements and/or instructions executed.

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