I m trying to understand the core concepts of DDD and I m having some troubles dealing with validations.

In fact, I m actually wondering where and when should I use specification pattern instead of Entity / ValueObject validations.

Moreover, I m trying to find a way to avoid this kind of validation in my Application service :

  User usr = new User(emailString);

In fact, what could happen if I have multiple validation like 10 - 20 on certain field ? I don't neither want to throw multiple exceptions, which are, in my sense, dedicated to critical errors.

Any ideas ?

// Throws Hey,That'sNotEmailException
Email email = new Email(emailString);
User user = new User(email);

Alternative spelling

// Throws Hey,That'sNotEmailException
Email email = Email.from(emailString);
User user = new User(email);

Using explicit value types is great for supporting validation.


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