I am currently working as functional tester. I have been assigned to do web services testing for a project. The test strategy is something like this:

  • our company is switching vendors who provide a service by accessing data in our company's system
  • the new vendor should be able to search for a particular data in our system through web service call, which is to be tested in QA environment.
  • I should use SOAPUI to test this: to send a request and validate the response.

My questions are as follows:

  • I know we can generate test cases in SOAPUI, but how to write test cases for web services testing in a document? (like the way we document functional tests)
  • Is there a way where we can call our company's QA url into SOAPUI and pass required input and check for desired output? Or it should be done only by passing a WSDL file into SOAPUI and give input and get desired output?
  • Based on the above info, please explain where I should start and how the process should flow till finish.

you can create soapui test cases using the Structuring and Running Tests.

More info SOAPUI Testcase Samples

URL can be passed to SOAPUI, and the data can be stored in XML, but i have not done input/output on the results.

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