I have created a standalone application with WPF and I need to use some of its functions via web.

In few words, I would like that an user can access a web page and have the chance to insert some data and invoke some of the functions present in desktop application, which is running on a remote machine.

My idea is to create a Grails web appplication that interacts with my WPF application, that is installed on the same machine.

What could be the right approach ?

Is it possible to expose some of desktop application methods via webservices and invoke it from the web app? Or do I need to create a sort of API library and install both web app and desktop app in the same machine? How can I create webservices or API for a WPF C# appplication?


See WCF (Windows Communication Foundation). It can go both ways. Host a web service on your web server. Evoke a method on stand alone WPF application from a web page is not a common requirement.

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