What type of software architecture style does the MEAN stack most resemble?

I am thinking Client/ Server because of the way messages are communicated between the different modules in both.

However, I'm not confident and would like some other people's opinion.

Thanks in advance

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  • It depends what you build using those tools. – whatsisname Nov 3 '16 at 2:55

The MEAN stack is not, itself, an architecture. It's just a handful of tools that work pretty well together for building web applications. "Web Application" probably comes closest, but there's a lot of detail you can go down to determine the actual architecture.

That said, you will find a number of application frameworks which use the MEAN stack (e.g. MEAN.io, MeanJS) which in turn implement a software architecture of their choice.

One could argue that it defaults to at least a 3 tiered architecture, because it implies that you have a DB (Mongo), an application server (Express & Node), and a client app (Angular). But that's pretty thin, frankly, because you can still arrange things very differently even if you assume those four basic building blocks.

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