I've got an API endpoint which looks like this: http://foo.bar/rest-method/{identifier}.
This API returns an object that looks like that:

    name: "Example",
    version: ""

Now I know that the entry with the identifier 2923711253 has got version while the entry with the identifier 2923823024 has

I want to find out which identifier is the last one using version and which is the first one using I call it 'the breaking point'.

Of course I could write a loop which simply checks all the identifiers which are between the two definied one's, but that seems very inefficient to me.

What algorithm should be used here?

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If it is guaranteed that higher identifier means not lesser version then the fastest way is binary search.

  • indeed, git or hg bisect
    – jk.
    Nov 9, 2016 at 12:30

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