I am creating a system that allows an admin to login, manage items, customers, reservations and many more. But as i have asked my professor, he told me that before the admin can access the manage items, customers etc the admin should go through the login process in the data flow diagram first, but how can i illustrate that?

Below is an image of what i have tried, i only included the add item function here. Which i am not pretty sure if it is correct. Because i am confused by how the item details should change because as i have read, the process changes the data that is flowing through it. Anyway this is for another question.

enter image description here


You need seperate "admin logged out" and "admin logged in" states. The "admin logged in state" should connect to "add item" and to each of the administrator actions. Logging out should return to the "admin logged out" state.

  • What would be the data that is flowing through the connection from admin logged in state to the add item process? – RalpawTato Nov 24 '16 at 15:43

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