As I can see in recent releases of akka-http, successor of spray, spray-routing's approach of using shapeless HList was replaced in favor of self-included Tuple

What is the motivation for this transformation? Has this done just for self-inclusion or pure Tuples without intermediate generic transformations to HLists are practically more efficient or simple?

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    I'm not sure anybody here is able to answer this question. Have you tried asking the maintainers of the package in question? – Periata Breatta Nov 28 '16 at 11:04

On https://gitter.im/akka/dev, Konrad Malawski writes:

It's about

  1. the horrible error messages that one gets if things go wrong with HLists

  2. not depending on shapeless, so people can use whatever version of shapeless that they want to

    it's totally possible to build a HList based version of those methods and give it to people as a library, would be fun if someone would maintain it

  3. we needed a javadsl, so we'd have to build the tuple style anyway

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