I am currently trying out Gradle for my embedded development project. The existing tool is GNU Make. Across the internet I have read a lot of articles where people say that their build logic becomes "too complex" and they would like to reduce "complexity". This I believe is basically a developer's or build author's perception of complexity of build scripts. Are there any ways to formally express complexity of build logic? I did a bit of digging and came up with this for Makefiles complexity. Is there already an existing measure for build.gradle's complexity?

  • I have never seen complex gradle scripts but i have seen lots of complex ant and make scripts. Since gradle is declarative (i.e. you have to define what you need but not how to do it and there are sub-modules (aka "plugins") that translate the "what" into how.. I am not shure if complex(=spagetti-code) gradle scripts exist
    – k3b
    Apr 20, 2020 at 13:13
  • @k3b worse, that means the plugin is part of your script and the plugins are always leaky abstractions. That makes the overall complexity very high.
    – user253751
    Apr 14, 2021 at 15:53

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There is the --profile option:

If we want to know more about how much time is spent in tasks we can use the --profile command-line option. Gradle will generate a report file in the build/reports/profile directory. This report file is a HTML file with information about how much time is spent by the different tasks and processes of Gradle.

As well as the gradle profiler:

A tool to automate the gathering of profiling and benchmarking information for Gradle builds. Profiling information can be captured using several different tools...


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