I'm in the process of writing Doxygen comments for this library of mine; it's a header-mostly C++ library, but it does have some code which gets linked rather than included.

For that code, which has .h/.hpp headers - should I also add Doxygen comments in the .cpp file, for the library to be "properly" documented, with the same level of commenting extensiveness as the headers? e.g. should I have file-level comments and detailed function-level comments on static (file-scope) code?

PS - In case it's relevant (it probably isn't): link to the actual library on GitHub.

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The general rules are that comments should be where you need them when maintaining the code and that the documentation should include what is relevant to the reader. Accordingly all your files should contain headers and function level comments but only the public methods normally need to be in the user documentation generated by Doxygen.d


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