I work in a project which contain multiple areas, and each area is assigned to multiple scrum teams, to automate the test cases of their area, each scrum team has developed independent and different automation projects. Now the problem is I need to automate some test cases which cover end to end scenarios of the whole project and test functionality of all the areas, therefore I need to create such automation project which can test all the areas altogether in the flow in the same way as end user does.

Possible scenario 1: I don't want to duplicate the same code in my project which already exist in scrum team projects because all the pages containing most of the locators and methods have been already created, and the amount of the duplicated code will be huge.

Possible Scenario 2: Scrum teams are not ready to share their code through Nuget Manager, because they make changes in their code regularly, and as per them it is not feasible to share the dlls through Nuget due to frequent changes.

Please suggest if there could be any solution for this problem?

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    If they developped independant tests, what makes you even thinks that they're compatible with each others, thus allowing you to merge them together ? By the way that question is too wide, does your team use the same technology for automation tests, if so which one(s) ? – Walfrat May 11 '17 at 14:41
  • Let me explain it with an example, Let's say My application has multiple areas, Area1, Area2 and Area3, all these areas are connected to each other in order to perform the end to end objective. Now each scrum team tests only one Area, for example Scrum team of Area A write tests only for Area A, and similarly others. Now I need to automate a test which has to test all three Areas. In this case what should be proper approach to re-use the available code in scrum team projects. – user1894424 May 16 '17 at 9:38
  • And Yes all the teams are using same technology for autoamtion: C# with Selenium Webdriver – user1894424 May 16 '17 at 9:39

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