I am thinking about creating a service that would automate the process of chaining REST API calls, for example:

  1. POST /jobs to service A to ask it to process a job.
  2. When I get a response for that job, then call POST /jobs to service B where some of the data passed in the request body may be mapped from some data we got in service A's response.
  3. When I get a response from service B, then ...

What does not seem that easy to me is to create that service without strong coupling between it and the other services: it should not have to know anything about service A or service B except probably a description of the services interfaces with any IDL. Is there any tool or protocols or something that would allow me to describe such execution flows?

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Usually this is called an orchestrator. Netflix has one here:


Here are some details...


Not sure if you need that much complexity. One could just write an implementation of orchestrator service if the needs are not that complex.


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