I'm trying to define a base class and override it's items on different inherited sub-classes. I'm following MVVM pattern to fetch records from backend. Created several stores and formulas within ViewModel.

| NUMBER value  |               |
+---------------+  GLYPH value  |       
| STRING value  |               |

Depends on structure above Base Class as pseudocode;

  • Should have a special layout for items as drawed above. (Could be design with css as well)
  • Those 3 values will be bindable/changeable for each inherited class and 3 of values will be binding with ViewModel's bind config.
  • Includes several default configs: width, height, border ...

On the inhetired class;

  • Of course firstly calls defaults of Base class.
  • Defines viewModel config for called one.
  • Those bindable values should be customize on here with {bind descriptor} through items config or some another way.

I've defined a basic structure for this base class and a sample inherited one but currently couldn't be success to render data to screen. Here is mentioned code block on Sencha fiddle.


Achieved to my aim through another post on Stackoverflow. Only needs some CSS adjustments thats all.

Here you may examine answers and Fiddle samples;

Ext JS: tpl config is ignoring html in Panel

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