I am trying to think how to share attachments like images, videos, audios, pdf's (only images for now) through webrtc. Basically, how is Skype and others doing it.

  1. In the case the item is only shared, the first idea was to use the chat channel of the webrtc, but this one has limited capacity and required to cut the image in chunks and reconstruct the image on the other side. It works and was fine as I was not storing the image but it is not convenient.

  2. If the item needs to be stored (Azure), I am thinking that sender sends asset to server and only sends a url to the receiver via chat channel, then receiver gets the item from server using the given url. The chat message comes with a header so the receiver knows it is not a basic chat message but an invitation to download content from server.

So question is, what is best for case 1 and case 2, that is sharing without storing and sharing with storage?

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