I am trying to figure out a way to solve the following dependency problem.

I have a parent object DomManager that has the responsibility to handle all the interaction with the DOM. It initializes several modules and two of them are dependent of each other: PlayerDom and Sticky.

At a certain point, a PlayerDom's method needs to call a method of Sticky (and vice versa).

After several iterations, I came up with the following implementation:


var DomManager = {
// General configuration
config: null,

// Modules container
modules: {},

 * Initialization function
 * @param config - Configuration object
 * @returns {DomManager} - DomManager object
init: function(config) {
    this.config = this.setConfig(config);


    return this;

setConfig: function(config) {
    return config;

 * Invoke a service from a particular module
 * @param moduleName - Module name
 * @param service - Method name to be invoked
 * @param args - Optional method parameters
invoke: function(moduleName, service, args) {
    if (this.modules[moduleName] && typeof this.module[moduleName][service] === 'function') {

 * Initializes all modules it depends on
initModules: function() {
    // Initialize player DOM manager
    this.modules['playerDom'] = PlayerDom.init(this.config.playerDom);

    // Stickiness is NOT enabled on videogallery
    if (this.config.sticky.enabled) {
        this.modules['sticky'] = Sticky.init(this.config.sticky);

    // Top leaderboard stickiness is enabled only on mobile
    if (this.config.topLeaderBoard.enabled) {
        this.modules['topleaderboard'] = TopLeaderBoard.init(this.config.topLeaderBoard);

    // Read more is enabled only if the following conditions are met:
    // - Template A
    // - One of: Facebook Referrer, Mobile, Tablet
    if (this.config.readMore.enabled) {
        this.modules['readMore'] = ReadMore.init(this.config.readMore);


So when PlayerDom needs to call a service of Sticky, it needs to call, for example, DomManager.invoke('sticky', 'enable').

Could it be a good solution or is there something better?


As I understand DomManager in your implementation is a DI manager as well. If it creates modules upon initialization, then it probably make sense to add a method like DomManager.get(moduleName) or DomManager.inject(moduleName) and use it in the child modules like so:

let sticky = DomManager.get(Sticky);

Such approach is used in Angular, when there are services dependent on each other: https://github.com/mgechev/injection-js

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