In iOS App there is something called a “launch screen” (the screen that appear before the app actually launches and is not equivalent to the splash screen), which can be provided by two ways, either as a storyboard or a set of images.

Since I layout a large portion of my controls programmatically, there is no efficient way to reproduce them on the launchscreen storyboard, and because I do need to provide one, I’m left with two ways:

  1. set the storyboard with the background colour of my app (and that’s all: no other UIControls are included).

  2. make screen captures of the app and provide them as a set.

The first one is indeed easier to maintain, but I want to ask:

  1. whether this will be rejected during the app review (e.g. contradicting guidelines), and

  2. whether this is a bad practice (this doesn’t only focus on iOS App but also other systems which use launch screens to enhance user impressions).

Any help is appreciated.

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