I have an existing enterprise application that lives on a lamp stack (not single page app). All html is responsive using twitter bootstrap. The question of sending push notifications to mobile devices has now come up.

My first thought was to create a simple mobile app and use a webview to obtain and display the markup from the server just as a regular browser would, then add a background service to receive push notifications. Does this sound practical? Anyone done this before? (To be clear I'm not talking about a single page app that uses javascript to make api calls, I'm talking a multi-page mvc style web application).

A second option would be to have a super simple app that's basically just a background service that listens for notifications and if a user selects one, open their browser and go to that page. Seems kinda cheesy...but would be a quick solution.

Third option (the one I'd rather avoid) we create a new mobile codebase using something like xamarin, and create a new service layer on the server...ueagh...Just threw up a little...

Anyone dealt with this kind of situation before? Have any suggestions? What option would you take, or is there something I haven't thought of?


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    The easiest way to get push notifications might be too create a Progressive Web App. This would be equivalent to your “super simple background app” approach, but without having to create a native app and upload it to any appstore. Drawbacks: support for PWAs is still uneven. – amon Jul 10 '18 at 6:08

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