I have known about the Flynn taxonomy for a while (SIMD, MIMD, etc.), as well as models of concurrency (actor model, petri nets, etc.). However I am wondering now how they overlap and interrelate. If some of the concurrency models can be encapsulated in some of the Flynn taxonomy models somehow, or vice versa.

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Flynn's Taxonomy generally deals with much smaller "units" than Computational Models for Parallelism. After all, the "I" stands for (single, atomic, simple) "instructions".

Also, Flynn's Taxonomy deals with Parallelism, whereas you also listed models of Concurrency.

But there are definitely … parallels (SCNR).

The two major forms of Parallelism are:

There is an obvious parallel between Data Parallelism and SIMD. There is another obvious parallel between Task Parallelism and MI*D.

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